Polishes & Waxes

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CARRERA Dashboard Cleaner - New

650.00 (PKR) 600.00 (PKR)

Dashboard Cleaner

8% off

CARRERA Tire Polish - New

650.00 (PKR) 600.00 (PKR)

Shine Your Tire Like New

Tonyin Polish Wax Ceramic Crystal Coating (200G) - New

1,850.00 (PKR)

-Best of Ceramic Crystal Coating Waxes -Protects your car's paint -Restores paint shine

Tonyin Alloys Wheel Cleaner - New

1,200.00 (PKR)

Made In China

Glass Cleaner (500 ML) - New

700.00 (PKR)

Anti-hazing for crystal clear glass Long lasting clarity & streak free shine Superior cleaning For Windshields, Mirrors, Windows, Glass doors, Vinyl, Chrome, Stainless steel, tiles & Stove tops

Getsun Multi-Purpose Foam Cleaner - 650 ml - New

1,150.00 (PKR)

Neutralizes potent odors and removes the scent of polluted air, dampness, moisture, and smoke. Ideal not only for cars but also highly effective for household cleaning. Perfect for fabrics, synthetic leather, vinyl, carpets, and upholstery made of wool, nylon, and other synthetics. The abundant foam ensures thorough cleaning, eliminating dirt, grime, and grease. This product is 100% safe; simply shake well, spray, and wipe for easy and deep cleaning.

Formula 1 Dashboard Polish (295ml) - New

1,750.00 (PKR)

Best Quality Dashboard Polish in the Market

Flamingo Windshield Washer (500 ML) - New

900.00 (PKR)

Cleans & protects windshield Protects & lubricate rubber

Flamingo Wheel & Rim Cleaner (500 ML) - New

1.00 (PKR) 850.00 (PKR)

Loosens & dissolves brake dust, road grime & grease Cleans & shines Long-lasting satin shine Can be applied to various hubcaps, steel & alloy wheel including electroplated, varnish

Flamingo Titanium Car Hard Wax (200 Gm) - New

1,200.00 (PKR)

Cleans, beautifies & protects Produced from imported Brazilian Carnauba wax Special quality Paraffin wax & nano materials Prevents vehicle from harmful scratching, acid rain, Ultra violet ray proof & anti-contamination

Flamingo Scratch Remover (300 ML) - New

1,050.00 (PKR)

Removes fine scratches & swirl marks Restores color & gloss Best branded product

Flamingo Protectant Shine (For Leather, Vinyl, Rubber & Plastic) - New

1,000.00 (PKR)

Protects & shines your vehicle's leather, vinyl, rubber & plastic Easy Application 295 Mls