Formula 1 Carnauba Paste Wax 230g | Solid Car Polishing Body Wax - New

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Formula 1 Carnauba Paste Wax 230g

Colouring your car restores your colour clarity and maintains its polish or shine from dust or rain. The gloss and beauty of your car colour can be fixed by using plain and simple gimmick coloured waxes. The best thing is to clear your paint once again instead of dying it again or repainting the colour for high rates. Against the harmful UV rays, it can also protect your car efficiently like a bodyguard. It’s like polishing your car to provide extra shine and glossy look along with protecting the colour from being pigmented and faint.

Formula 1 Carnauba Paste Wax 230g

 provides these features to white colors of cars. Once you wash your car this wax will protect your car’s colour. Most cars suffer from abrading, marring and spider-webbing while this wax has the ability to remove these issues efficiently and properly.

Car colour wax

is used to keep the shine and beautiful texture of the colour of your car. Sometimes it happens that there is heavy rain and your car’s colour became faint and there come scratches on your car. This situation becomes very tense but doesn’t worry is providing you

Formula 1 Carnauba Paste Wax 230g

with efficient features and great results. You can fix your car scratches, swirled your car’s dull and oxidized colour with this car colour wax. The defects on your car’s paint and on the upper surface of your car colour coating can be recovered efficiently using this product. The upper coat that becomes defected can be made clear with this colour wax while it is not to colour your car’s base.

Also known as:                                                               

  • Car waxing
  • Paste Wax
  • Car Wax Polish
  • Car polish
  • Wax for Cars
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